At Floral Decor, we know how important choosing the right container is for your interior - by helping to enhance the aesthetics of the plants and compliment the room décor.

Our choice of containers is very extensive and a small selection may be seen in our gallery.  We can offer contemporary, funky and traditional pots in a high variety of styles, colours, sizes and materials, e.g. glass fibre, metal, ceramic, polypropylene and lots more.

Eco friendly containers made from post-consumer recycled products and containers made with environmentally-friendly and durable eco-synthetic resin also form part of our range and their use helps reinforce your “green credentials”.

We even have containers, in fact frames, in different sizes which take up no floor space but are located neatly on a wall, planted up with live or replica plants and form a stunning and unusual piece of living art.  This is the latest trend in office interiors and is maintained regularly in the manner as a floor standing unit.

Company logos can also be added to many of our stylish containers reinforcing your corporate identity.

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