Nature’s medicine

The best way to describe the enormous benefits living plants can bring to your environment as well as looking great and providing the 'feel good' factor.

It is clear for all to see that plants and foliage can look beautiful and really brighten a space.  Indoors and outdoors, plants play a big part in our everyday lives.  However, the true impact of plants in interiors goes far  beyond the aesthetics, providing benefits to health and wellbeing, productivity and financial savings.  Plants indoors also help to satisfy our innate need to connect with nature especially as many of us spend most of our working hours indoors.

Research into indoor plants by NASA has proven that:

  • Plants improve the efficiency of the workplace and reduce negativity
  • Plants reduce absenteeism by reducing the effects of “Sick Building Syndrome”
  • Plants improve the quality of air and humidity levels and the environment in general
  • Plants improve concentration, productivity and creativity
  • Plants absorb noise
  • Plants lower stress levels
  • Plants conserve energy by creating a micro-climate
  • Plants make people calmer, happier and reduce symptoms of discomfort and minor ailments
  • Just one plant can make a difference

Floral Decor's creative and knowledgeable designers can help and advise on the best beautiful plants and amazing containers to use in order to capitalise on the impact made by introducing plant displays. We believe an attractive office planting scheme can make a big difference. If floor space is at a premium our living or moss walls could be the answer.

Once displays are installed, a maintenance programme is set up. Our experienced aftercare Plant Technicians are polite, caring and efficient during their maintenance visits, ensuring that your displays remain looking healthy, beautiful and in peak condition, including replacing plants free of charge which become unsatisfactory.

We offer a complete service and we make it as easy as possible for you. Purchase, rental and maintenance options available.


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